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Wonder Woman

Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 1 g, 14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g

Wonder Woman cannabis seeds have amazing performance. From 1 square meter of cultivation area, they bring 450-550 g of cones. The flowering period of the stumps lasts 8-10 weeks. The finished product has a sweet taste with hints of berries and ammonia, and also brings the effect of light lingering euphoria.

Features of growing strain

Wonder Woman is a productive modification of the Skunk variety. The variety of crawling genetics is amazing in its productivity. But not only for an excellent exit, but they also love this strain. There are no growers who give up the pleasure of working with a spicy hybrid that is as fragrant as the classic Skunk but even more euphoric.


“Amazing Woman” was born to surprise. The variety is suitable for greenhouse breeding. A low culture produces cones as hard as stone. The internodes of the plant are long, but not overgrown with foliage, which makes the pruning process convenient. Weighty cones and thin branches … what does this mean? Right! The plant must be tied up so that the branches do not break.

There is an experience in growing in Indore and the garden. Wonder Woman managed to grow on the open ground until the end of September. But prolonged flowering and the outdoor pays off by increasing productivity. According to experts, it can be increased in the greenhouse, if you wait an extra week before harvesting.

Effects on the body

The effect is lingering and powerful. Wonder Woman does not find medical use due to a large number of psychoactive components. At the same time, it is readily used for recreational purposes: it relieves muscle tension, improves the central nervous system, and most importantly, invigorates and gives joy.

Additional information

  • Pain 4/10
  • Depressed 10/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 2/10
  • Anxiety 8/10
  • Nausea 4/10
  • Focused 2/10
  • Euphoric 10/10
  • Dry Eyes 2/10
  • Creative 4/10
  • Cotton Mouth 4/10
  • Highest Test 20%
  • Strain Average 17%
  • Hybrid Average 13%
  • GG4 Average 92/100
  • GG4 Highest 96/100



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