About us

We provide an array of cannabis products and accessories in an environment intended to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity. This shop is designed to serve both the customer who wants a quick, efficient experience as well as one who prefers to linger over the many delightful products and displays.

Toko Hemp feels fortunate to be a part of this newly legal environment. Retailers and the public alike have gained enormous freedom, along with the security provided by strict government regulations that ensure safe consumption.

Recognizing the fact that this freedom can also mean overwhelming choices, we train our sales associates to guide customers through the dizzying array of products and information. Helping customers make educated, informed choices is our top priority.

In this new world, cannabis is no longer stigmatized as harmful, but is deemed safe and full of possibility. Toko Hemp promises to be the cutting edge in cannabis retail, now and in the future. It is with great pride Toko Hemp serves Aurora and neighbouring communities in this exciting time in cannabis history.