Caveman Kush Marijuana Strain


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Caveman OG is a California strain bringing together the best traits of two renowned plants. You can find her prominently in and around northern California and as far north as the Canadian border. Little is known about this plant origin except it’s arrival on the scene in the late 2000’s early 2010. She was quickly proliferated in the emerald triangle and up the West coast where growers gave her a permanent spot in their gardens. Caveman OG is a fast growing Bubba kush variety that packs a hashy and immediate punch making her an easy replacement for the lower-yielding and low-vigor pre 98 Bubba that is her mother. For the best tasting bowl Caveman OG buds should be carefully broken up outside of a grinder to help keep as many of the fragile trichome heads in tact. There is a thick sweet air that hangs about each bud concealing the rank kush aroma inside. A small sample of Caveman OG can stink up a good sized area. This is not a good choice for a private smoker or someone in close quarters with uptight neighbors, her saturated forest aroma will leave the air around you thick with the musky presence of a neanderthal breathing down your neck. The effects of Caveman can be felt almost instantly with most users reporting effects after just 2 minutes. There is an overpowering physical euphoria that takes over your body, every inhale of this kush replaces your blood with lead, sinking you in your seat and and sinking your brow over your eyes. At full strength Caveman OG has a debilitating effect that disables most smokers inhibitions and thought processes, it is great for catching a full night of uninterrupted sleep for those who are stressed out with over active minds.

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