Royce’s Raskal OG Marijuana Strain


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Royce’s Raskal OG is a more potent and stronger version of the Raskal OG marijuana strain. It is a hybrid strain that has a THC level of around 17 percent and CBD level is approximately 0.86 percent. It is bred by the Cali Connection and has dense buds that have a deep green color with light green hues. The strain is sticky and soft. It has a strong and relaxing effect on your mind and body. It also makes you drowsy and soon puts you to sleep, which is why it is great for insomnia patients. Its high makes you feel extremely creative, focused and euphoric as well that can help you work on creative jobs. Its aroma and taste are strong and are a good blend of earthy, pine and nutty flavors. Royce’s Raskal OG is excellent for the medical patients of mild and chronic pains. It is a suitable antidote for anxiety and stress as well as it effectively calms down your tensed nerves. You can also use it for getting relief from nausea. Its major side effects include experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes. However, some users tend to suffer from paranoia and anxiety after smoking it as well.

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