Alien Inferno Marijuana Strain



Alien Inferno is an indica dominant hybrid created through crossing the powerhouse (White Fire #6 X Alien OG) X Diablo strains. With parents like these, Alien Inferno is going to pack one hefty high, so inexperienced users stay away! Even with its indica dominance, a heady cerebral rush will come first with Alien Inferno, launching your mind into frantic introspection. As your mind races through deep thought, your tongue will loosen and you’ll be happy to engage in conversation around you with anyone and everyone. As your energy levels start to ebb, this head high will start to turn stoney, spreading throughout your entire body and pulling you down into slight sedation. Given its super high THC level that hits bottom at 20% and these potent effects, Alien Inferno is recommended for users suffering from chronic pain, appetite loss, fatigue, and depression. It has a sweet lemony kush flavor with hints of earthy pine and diesel as the nugs are broken apart and burned. Alien Inferno has rock hard forest green nugs with vibrant red hairs and a frosty thick coating of bright white crystal trichomes.

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