512 OG Marijuana Strain


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One of the best quality organically grown marijuana strains is 512 OG. This is a 100% Indica strain with an exceptional taste and smell. The THC level is between 8% and 30%, depending on the quality. The parent strains are a mystery and that makes some people hesitant to try it. Yet the reviews are very good in terms of the quality of the product and the effects it offers. It is believed the parenting plants are some types of quality kush. This strain of cannabis burns quickly so most consumers will roll it and smoke it. The high is one which is light and relaxed but it does come on quickly. Yet you will still feel alert. It can be used daily and it won’t affect your ability to complete your normal daily routine. 512 OG is often used to control chronic pain, including back spasms and arthritis. Some women rely on it to offset menstrual cycle cramps and pain. The buds are alive in color and frosted with a generous amount of THC when ready for harvesting. This strain offers a sweet aroma and a citrus taste that is very enticing.

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