303 Kush Marijuana Strain



This is a Colorado medical marijuana strain that was created from the stems of ‘Pre-98 Bubba Kush’ and ‘Chemdawg IC3’. This hybrid strain falls into the category of indica dominant strains. The THC levels of this particular strain are found to be up to 18%, while its CBD and CBN percentages are 0.19% and 0.4% respectively. The plant would appear similar to its Bubba parent along with the purple and dark grayish green colored undertones. This plant is found to have slightly larger calyxes. The 303 Kush will give the users with the greasy flavor that is typical to the Bubba Kush genetics. Few of the users have described the aroma that is being produced by this strain as reminiscent to that of a roasted coffee chocolate. The buzz that will be produced by this marijuana strain will be social combined with creative dreamy experiences. This has been especially evolved as one among the favorite strains for those people who are looking to treat their chronic pains. This also would be a good anti-anxiety medication. In addition, this would help in treating the symptoms of depression and stress.

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