3 Times Crazy Marijuana Strain


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This medical marijuana strain, which is also known as Optimus Prime or 3X Crazy is coming under the indica dominant group of marijuana strains with almost 75% indica. This particular strain is the result of 3-way hybridization between the following strains: OG Kush X Bubba Kush X Granddaddy Purple. The plant is found to possess sticky green and purple colored leaves with longer and thicker orange colored calyxes. The trichomes are found to be tightly packed all over and will be pale white colored. 3X Crazy would give pungent and lemony smells to the user combined with the coffee bean scent along with grape berry flavors. This would give the taste of blended berries and sour lemon. The smoke that is produced will be smooth but less harsh on the users’ throats. This medical strain is known to leave the users sedated with calming whole body effect. The users could also experience a clear headed psycho-activity. These easing effects that are produced by this strain could be helpful in treating a range of symptoms like spasm, pains, sleeping disorder and tension.

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