12th Man OG Marijuana Strain



12th Man OG, also known as “12th Man Down,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created specifically to commemorate the Seattle Seahawk’s Superbowl 50 appearance. Although the parentage is relatively unknown due to breeder secrecy, it has been measured at having a 26% average THC level and a CBD level of approximately 1%. The 12th Man OG high is said to be a heavy body high with a mild head buzz that’s pretty relaxing in nature as a whole. As the high builds, you feel yourself become lost within your own mind, slightly dazed like you just took a heavy hit from a lineman, minus the pain. Just be careful – the effects become pretty sedative if you toke a little too much. These effects coupled with its highly medicinal CBD level make 12th Man OG ideal for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, and nausea. This bud has a classic sweet OG taste with hints of fresh grass and earth. The aroma is of spicy herbs with a powerful hit of sweet earth as the nugs are broken apart. 12th Man OG buds have small and round super leafy light minty green nugs with rich amber hairs and a frosty coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.

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