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Organic C3

Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

C3 carries the genetics of rare and amazing ancestors. You will be amazed, but this hybrid stands out from the crowd, primarily its piercing fruity taste, which without any doubt will not leave indifferent any hemp fan.

Distinctive features

On inspiration, the citrus flavor transforms into an amazing mix, which is revealed in a combination of lemon, berries and pine bark. Treated inflorescences have unrivaled gustatory potential, able to satisfy real gourmets and fans of the iridescent, dynamic taste of cones.

Plants of this variety become energetic and elegant in a very short period, undergoing a complete cycle of transformation from seeds to beautiful hemp bush in just 9-10 weeks.

Plant propagation

Inflorescences of this variety often take a purple hue, especially if the temperature at night drops below 10 degrees. This strain feels good in any growing condition, and the genetics of Indica will appreciate its stability and excellent yield. Beginners will find their outlet in this amazing variety, which most often grows by 60-100 cm, remaining suitable both for stealth growing in small boxes and for partisan landings in the open air.

In exchange for a surprisingly small amount of effort, the gardener will be rewarded with a heavy crop of up to 120-190 gr. This hybrid provides a wave of genuine physical pleasure that unfolds in relaxation and pleasure. C3 is an excellent aphrodisiac and will help brighten up the evening with your partner.

Smell, taste, effects

Hybrid C3 with a predominance of indica, which will demonstrate its full potential in absolutely harmonious and sustainable growth, which will be a pleasant addition for growers of all stripes – a problem-free strain will delight you with its purple cones, which often break through its phenotypes, staining regardless of whether due stress was carried out by cold.

You will find your secluded place in this variety – wave-rolling effects furiously pass through your body, literally shaking you, making it clear that you are still ahead and an amazing world of discoveries awaits you. The taste and aroma of C3, where there is not only freshness, but also characteristic astringency complements each other and brings a hint of aesthetic pleasure to your experience when it seems that you are not smoking, but eating an overseas fruit.

C3 is a chic option not only for relaxation, but also for lazy social activity, for example, playing a board game with friends, hanging out in front of the console with your beloved half, or making an amazing dinner. A low CBD content will keep your consciousness within tight boundaries, not allowing stress and paranoia to distract you from your contemplative actions for at least a second. This variety is a great example of simplicity, grandeur, lightness and amazing taste.

Additional information

  • Insomnia 4/10
  • Anxiety 10/10
  • Pain 2/10
  • Migraines 8/10
  • Stress 6/10
  • Sedated 6/10
  • Relaxed 4/10
  • Dizziness 2/10
  • Euphoric 8/10
  • Social 10/10
  • Highest Test 23%
  • Strain Average 21%
  • Hybrid Average 13%
  • GG4 Average 98/100
  • GG4 Highest 95/100



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