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Khalifa Kush

Grade: AAAA+
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Khalifa Kush will not cause problems in the growth process. When ripe, the bush acquires a dark green hue with a scattering of shining crystals. The taste is quite interesting. “Cataract kush” is used for medical purposes as an anesthetic and sleeping pill.

Khalifa Kush is a hybrid culture, a direct descendant of the characteristics of the two cannabis cup winners. It is worth noting that the variety was among the winners at the sixth Medical Cannabis Cup. Variety selection continued for 10 years. This allowed us to achieve maximum compliance with the expectations of the seed bank. The strain is not recommended for consumers of light cannabis varieties.

Cultivation outdoors and at home

The variety can be cultivated both outdoors and in the greenhouse or home conditions. From seedlings to the harvest takes 8-9 weeks. As it ripens, the brood turns dark green with a gray-black tint. After the veg, the Khalifa Kush bush is completely covered with the likeness of a crystal blanket. The plant is unpretentious, not only an experienced grower can cope with it, but also a beginner hemp grower.

The flavor, taste, and effect of Khalifa Kush

The plant is characterized by a bright, rich taste. While inhaling, the genes for Los Angeles Secrets dominate, but as you exhale, OG Kush tastes dominant. Due to such ambiguity, the variability of aroma and taste, the variety is easily confused with other varieties of marijuana. Khalifa Kush has a lasting, prolonged effect. Some consumers claim that after taking the plant, a cataract sensation develops. That is what served as the name of the variety. A hybrid plant can be used for medical purposes. So, Khalifa Kush effectively copes with pain, sleep disturbance.

Additional information

  • Anxiety 6/10
  • Depressed 6/10
  • Pain 10/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 2/10
  • Nausea 8/10
  • Creative 6/10
  • Energetic 6/10
  • Euphoric 10/10
  • Paranoia 2/10
  • Relaxed 8/10
  • Highest Test 29%
  • Strain Average 27%
  • Hybrid Average 13%
  • GG4 Average 95/100
  • GG4 Highest 98/100



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