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Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Chemdog hemp seeds grow into a branched plant, characterized by a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and abundant bushes in 500-1000 g of cones per one. It differs in a variety of flavoring palette, consisting of sweet and sour fruit, earthy and pine notes.
The bushes grow branched and fluffy, and their flowering period does not take much time. Unique flavoring qualities expand the boundaries of pleasure, bringing gastronomic bliss. The impact has a variable effect, which is chosen completely randomly.

Mysterious baby

The finished product, growing from Chemdog hemp seeds, is characterized by a diverse trip. There is always a riddle in front of the grower, which can only be solved after tasting. The manufacturer claims that the secret of this feature lies in the ability of the hybrid to enhance human feelings.
For example, a depressed state will lead to the appearance of a strong long-lasting stone, which completely relaxes and pacifies. During a fun past, you should expect unbridled euphoria, uplifting and crystal clear mind. In some cases, panic attacks and anxiety may occur.
The plant is great for:

  • Meditations
  • A crushing victory over insomnia;
  • A relaxing break at the end of a hard day’s work;
  • Have fun in the company of friends;
  • Noisy parties.
  • Unprecedented cocktail of aromas

Millionaire marijuana inflorescences are endowed with a mild aroma and rich taste. During their tasting, a toxic fruit mixture is felt, which gives acidity. At the same time, the air begins to feel the sweetness of cheese notes and the astringency of the earth. The smell of coniferous forest penetrates to the farthest receptors, bringing a feeling of freshness.

Hemp Millionaire Growth Indicators

During the growing season, the plant reaches almost maximum growth, reaching a mark of 1.6-2 meters. Slight growth is observed during flowering, which lasts 8-9 weeks. During this time, the brood is overgrown with a large number of cones containing from 20 to 22% THC. In the open ground, one bush brings from 500 to 1000 g of the finished product ripening in late October. Cultivation in Indore will bring the grower from 350 to 700 g of crop per 1 square meter.

Additional information

  • Depressed 7/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 4/10
  • Insomnia 8/10
  • Nausea 6/10
  • Pain 6/10
  • Creative 6/10
  • Euphoric 7/10
  • Happy 9/10
  • Energetic 4/10
  • Relaxed 8/10
  • Highest Test 28%
  • Strain Average 27%
  • Hybrid Average 16%
  • GG4 Average 96/100
  • GG4 Highest 96/100



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