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Charlotte’s Web CBD

Grade: AAAA
Type: CBD

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Charlotte’s Web is a reliable undemanding early cannabis with Ketama genetics. Cultivated in open ground or greenhouses. Harvested in late September. Gives a soft and strong Stone. Suitable for beginner growers.

Growing Secrets

With the help of many years of experimentation, breeders created an early crop of cannabis with elongated, narrow bumps with an open structure and a distinctive Ketama aroma. Charlotte’s Web 100% feminized cannabis seeds are intended for cultivation in open ground or greenhouses; in the outdoor, it feels most comfortable. The landing should be carried out immediately in the open ground in the last weeks of April – the first weeks of May.

Fades in 7 weeks

Charlotte’s Web is unpretentious; beginner growers can easily cope with it. A bad summer, mistakes in watering and top dressing will not prevent getting a crop. Bushes about 100-150 cm tall in any case will please a large number of resinous fragrant cones at the end of September.

Charlotte’s Web Effect

For Charlotte’s Web hemp variety to show everything, it can do, a Moroccan climate and a special type of soil is needed. In a temperate climate, a classic sweet aroma and taste of chocolate with floral, earthy and coniferous notes will be felt. Stone from Charlotte’s Web is flesh, strong and soft at the same time. It will be a great end for a hard day when you need to relax and get your portion of joy and happiness.

Additional information

  • Pain 10/10
  • Anxiety 2/10
  • Nausea 8/10
  • A Loss of Appetite 6/10
  • Migraines 4/10
  • Focused 6/10
  • Sedated 4/10
  • Relaxed 10/10
  • Cotton Mouth 2/10
  • Creative 8/10
  • Highest Test 20%
  • Strain Average 15%
  • Hybrid Average 13%
  • GG4 Average 98/100
  • GG4 Highest 99/100



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