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AK OG Kush

Grade: AA
Type: Hybrid

QTY: 14 g, 28 g

Pyramid Seed AK-OG Kush cannabis seeds sprout plants above average height. The AK-OG Kush variety is used for medicinal purposes, relaxes for hours and relieves stress and insomnia. The classic “jackpot” of genetics is a bountiful harvest and an easily recognizable Moroccan flavor.

What is AK-OG Kush?

It is worth considering that when flowering, AK-OG Kush emits a rich hashish aroma. This may not please relatives or neighbors. But the task will be solved by faithful helpers – filters. It characterizes the variety from all sides:

  • Original femme. There will be only girls in the garden.
  • Adaptation to breeding conditions.
  • Fast flowering is the key to several crops per season.
  • Resistance to diseases, fungus and mold.

Bushes are insatiable. They can be fed as you like and anything. The plant gratefully swallows everything and asks for supplements. If feeding is plentiful, then the girl will please the gardener with a high-quality product.

What you can find in the taste of AK-OG Kush

Kush means delicious. The variety will appeal to connoisseurs of the aromatic gash. Remember the good old scent of “afghan”? If not, then the smash is an opportunity to face the forgotten again. Old school is what many are looking for now.

By its effect, the plant is considered one of the best Indian crops. The force of attraction to the sofa will increase exactly as much as there is enough strength to fight with Super Kush. This variety is suitable for use after a hard-working day. Recommended at night, as the baby will provide a strong and long sleep until the morning.

Additional information

  • Migraines 80/100
  • Stress 60/100
  • ADHD Symptoms 35/100
  • Pain 90/100
  • Depressed 20/100
  • Focused 40/100
  • Social 20/100
  • Relaxed 80/100
  • Euphoric 60/100
  • Energetic 100/100
  • Highest Test 22/100
  • Strain Average 22/100
  • Hybrid Average 14/100
  • GG4 Average 98/100
  • GG4 Highest 95/100



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